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Advanced Production Technologies based Entrepreneurship Assignment to promote Circular Economy

In the scope of Advanced Production Technologies course, Mechanical Engineering students or Industrial Engineering and Management students have developed a production and business plan/model making use of one or more advanced manufacturing technologies (additive fabrication, microtechnology, nanotechnology and/or others) and settled in a Circular Economy model.

Students need to present in there assignment the context of the proposed product, presenting it as a solution to an opportunity, need or challenge and based in a number of feasible technologies, as well as in a business model potentially viable. They need to modulate the production process, this is, describe how the product is produced, which include:
a. Material selection, that must be done by relating the material properties with the characteristics required by the product, cost, environmental and safety impacts, and processability. Wherever possible, alternatives should be presented;
b. When discussing production technologies, the choice must be justified referring to the processing capacity, other applications, product quality, production rate, typical process cost, design considerations and environmental and safety impacts.

During the assignment development, students should visit at least one industrial unit that represents a stakeholder of the project (in this scope, a stakeholder company is a company that can be a potential supplier, customer or competitor).

Bellow are the final assignment posters of the 2016-2017 (second semester) Industrial Engineering and Management students. Most of the posters are in Portuguese.

Underground Water Closet



Recycled Tires

Slinky-Honey Furniture


Hairspray Can


Warm Meal

POM Clarinet

Smart Taxi

DLC Coating

Polymer recycling

Matrix 3D


Recycled EPS

BPA Free


Tire Rubber


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