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Industrial Challenge Assignment – Prio Biocombustíveis S.A.

In the scope of the curricular unit of Advanced Production Technologies, students are challenged to analyze a real industrial problem and suggest a solution. The practical case of this semester has been presented by Prio Biocombustíveis S.A., an industrial company dedicated to the transformation of used cooking oils into bio-fuel.

The problem placed by Prio Biocombustíveis S.A. was that they where not being able to flow the needed amount of oil through one of the heat exchangers. This problem raised when they started processing used cooking oils. Fresh cooking oils and used cooking oils may have some important properties changed, namely viscosity and density. This property change will affect filtration, pumping and heat exchanger flow through.

The assignment development need to cover four topics: (i) problem identification; (ii) a technical and scientific grounded solution; (iii) investment prediction; and (iv) revenue forecast. Proposals need to be engineering solutions (simple commercial solution are not accepted). It is intended with the later to motivate students to pursuit engineering solution, eventually integrated with solutions available in the market. The assignment was developed in groups of 3 to 4 students and represents 30% of the final grade of the curricular unit.


Final assignment posters (click on each to see full size poster):




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