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Eco-efficiency Project

In the scope of the curricular unit of Eco-design and Eco-efficiency, students are requested to develop an eco-efficiency enhancement proposal for a production enterprise. The aim of this work is to develop and consolidate knowledge on eco-efficiency, including analysis of water or energy consumption, wastes, emissions and other resources that can lead to production inefficiency, and the capacity to suggest improvement in this matter.

For the present assignment, students need to select a company and identify one or more sectors of this corporation to use as case study. It will be important to get the production layout, as well as to obtain information about key indicators of intervention (water and/or energy consumption, wastes, emissions, etc.). With this information and using eco-efficiency analysis software (Retscreen, etc.), proposals to improve productive eco-efficiency should be developed.

The assignment is to be done in groups 3 to 4 persons and it represents 40% of the final grade.


Final assignment posters (click on each to see full size poster):




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