FERNETO Industrial Challenge

In the scope of the 2017-2018 (semester 2) Advanced Production Technologies curricular unit, Industrial Management Engineering students have been challenged to analyze a real industrial problem and suggest a solution.

This semester challenge has been presented with the collaboration of Ferneto S.A. (ferneto.com). Groups focus the production layout optimization or the idealization of a production supply transporter/organizer. They needed to assess: (i) problem description; (ii) technical-scientific solutions; (iii) investment prediction; and (iv) revenue forecast.


Final assignment posters (click on each to see full size poster):





Students comments to the challenge

“This challenge was quite advantageous, in my view. The problems proposed by the company were adequate to our area of study and showed us the difference between an academic work and a job for a company and also the existence of different requirements that we have to take into account. Besides, I think it’s much more exciting to be working for a company, about a real problem, than a theoretical work. In my opinion, I think there should be more initiatives of this kind, more partnerships between the university and companies, in order to understand how companies work and apply the knowledge taught in theoretical classes in a real environment. We also realize that some concepts can not be applied linearly in the company, they will have to be studied and implemented in the best way for the specific company. I think overall we got interesting solutions. Not surprisingly, one or two visits can not tell the whole process, nor the way they work. But I think the two visits to the company were very positive and resulted in a good job. Undoubtedly this type of initiative should occur more often, in several curricular units.”

“In a global way this work was and is beneficial to our course, once we can understand what really happens in the industries, this is we had a sample of what could happen in the real world. These works, in my point of view, are what enrich us as future professionals! However, I think that this industrial challenge did not add or contribute to a deepening of the themes taught in this curricular unit, since we do not use any concept of specific production technologies.”

“In fact the work allowed a connection between the company and the students, since it is always a good opportunity to visit a company. As for the two themes under analysis, I think that the layout was more restrictive, because it was difficult not to take into account what had already been defined for the new manufacturing space. Whether for the Advanced Production Technologies class or for the Industrial Management Engineering course it was a positive experience, mainly by the contact with a real company.”

The challenge was very interesting, in a global way. The fact of putting us in touch with the industrial sector is an opportunity – of few – that we are given to know the reality closely.
When we were given the challenge, the problems to be addressed – and their complexity – were not immediately evident, but only in the course of the work was the understanding of how we could help the company by creating concrete solutions. It was good to see some of our solutions, or mix of them, to be applied, and we have information on how they have changed the organization’s environment. Less well, it was the auditorium chosen to make our final presentations, the same presents some problems of decoration and has a careless aspect.”

I loved doing the work. It put us close to the industry and facing real problems. It was one of the few works that gave me joy to do since I entered the university, being that I always looked at as an opportunity to learn and search for new technologies. I only consider that the visit was a short time, however the companies have other priorities and it is perfectly understood. It was very good already that they have given us this opportunity.”

“Generally speaking, I found the industrial challenge quite interesting. I think that this type of work is justified in the scope of the curricular unit of Advanced Production Technologies, although the challenges are not directly linked to the topics taught. For Industrial Management Engineering training this type of work is fundamental, it allows us to have a closer proximity to the industrial reality. In addition to being able to establish the parallel between what we learn at university and what actually happens.”

One of the best work assignments accomplished in the Industrial Management Engineering master’s degree, bringing the student closer to the companies. Congratulations! On the other hand, those who stayed with the lay-out ended up not having great possibility of implementing new concepts, since there was already a definite one, however it is always good to rethink and give new ideas.”


Company comments to the challenge

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