Eco-design And Eco-efficiency

The main objective of the Eco-design and Eco-efficiency (EDEE) course is to promote an entrepreneur mindset for the creation of sustainable products and processes, in scope with industrial trends of digitalization and circularity. Students will be challenged to develop new product, or rethink them, to decrease the resource use intensity, giving priority to the use of renewable materials, including recyclable and/or bio-based materials, and with less hazard and risk (for humans and the environment) and reuse of materials. "Modularization" of components should be considered, allowing easy disassembly, recovery, reuse and end-of-life screening. In product development, students need to understand the importance of defining recycling, reuse and life-cycle extension criteria, considering possible useful applications of by-products and waste. Additionally, the pursuit of ways to attain more efficient and cleaner production models, producing more, at lower prices, with fewer resources, less waste and less impact on the environment is also emphasized. To this end, eco-design and eco-efficiency concepts and tools, and their application in the different stages of the engineering and product development will be covered, as well as rules and regulations.

Eco-design and Eco-efficiency project 2018-19

Eco-design project 2017-18

Eco-efficiency project 2017-18